Everybody wins

When you go smoke-free, there are benefits for everyone. Owners, managers, residents, staff, smokers and non-smokers alike will save money, decrease liability and live a healthier lifestyle.

Save money

By reducing cleaning, maintenance and insurance costs while also helping to avoid costly band-aid solutions like air purification systems, smoke-free policies provide cost savings for both housing providers and residents.

Avoid fires

Smoke-free policies protect your investments and cherished possessions, and may even save your life. Smoking-related fire risks are particularly high in buildings with residents who are on oxygen or have reduced mobility.

Decrease your liability

Second-hand smoke exposure is a serious and legitimate health concern. Not only are smoke-free policies legal, they uphold a housing provider’s duty to protect the health and well being of their residents.

Cases already exist in Canada where residents are taking property managers to court for neglecting to effectively mitigate second-hand smoke exposure in multi-unit housing. In certain circumstances, the legal precedent for such cases is growing.

Improve health

Second-hand tobacco smoke causes premature death and disease in both adults and children. Those exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke for long periods of time are more likely to develop and die from heart disease, respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Smokers and non-smokers alike will reap the health benefits of smoke-free policies. Air quality will improve, and residents will no longer be exposed to the toxic chemicals found in second-hand smoke.

Also, most Albertans are protected by law from second-hand smoke exposure at work. Caregivers, contractors and support staff in residential buildings deserve the same protection. Smoke-free policies provide healthier work environments for a range of professionals who work at your property.

Save time

Significantly reduce the time it takes to maintain and turn over units. Also, spend less time mitigating complaints and working to ensure that smoke isn’t seeping from one unit into another.

Increase marketability

The vast majority of Albertans who currently live in multi-unit housing want to live in a smoke-free building. Smoke-free policies are a great selling feature.

Make quitting easier

The vast majority of smokers want to quit, and many of them don’t want smoke in their homes. Smoke-free policies can make it easier for smokers to quit, especially if property managers choose to provide support by partnering with local public health agencies to promote cessation services and resources

Eliminate ambiguity

Conflict situations and safety issues related to smoking are difficult for managers and staff to resolve without a formal policy. Implementing a smoke-free policy can help reduce these issues and provide you with the tools and knowledge to enforce rules in a clear and consistent way.

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