For a comprehensive guide to building a smoke-free policy in a multi-unit rental property, download our guidebook. It contains step-by-step information and a large selection of sample documents and resources.  If you don't need comprehensive information but are looking for a specific tool or resource, try searching our index below.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Rental Buildings

Policy Development Guidebooks

A how-to guidebook on policy development, including incentives, legal information and a step-by-step policy-development guide

Sample Tenant Survey Cover Letter

Engagement Resources

Letter to accompany a tenant survey to explain benefits of a smoke-free policy and offer incentive for tenants to complete the survey

Sample Tenant Survey

Engagement Resources

Survey to gather data from tenants concerning their opinions and experiences in the building about second-hand smoke

Sample Tenant Notification Letter

Engagement Resources

Letter to notify tenants that a smoke-free policy will take effect in the building

Sample Smoke-Free Sign

Enforcement Resources

Smoke-free sign to display at entrances, in elevators and at other public areas where smoking is prohibited

Sample Smoke-Free Policy for Rentals

Policy Resources

Smoke-free policy for rental buildings that can either be used as a lease addendum or can be included in a new lease

Sample Resident Complaint Letter

Resident Resources

A letter to send to a board, landlord or property managers when exposed to second-hand smoke

Sample Physician Letter

Resident Resources

A sample to provide your doctor when asking for support to ensure he/she provides the most help possible

Sample Petition for Tenants

Resident Resources

A tool to discover the views of others in your building regarding smoking and second-hand smoke

Sample Migrating Second-Hand Smoke Log

Resident Resources

Document and track your exposure to second-hand smoke in order to better advocate for change

Sample Meeting Agenda And Discussion Process

Engagement Resources

Agenda and tips to organize and conduct an information meeting to share information and gather opinions about a smoke-free policy

Sample Issue Tracking Log

Enforcement Resources

Log to document complaints from tenants who experience smoke infiltration in their homes from neighbouring units

Sample Invitation To Meeting

Engagement Resources

Letter to invite tenants to an information meeting at which they can learn more and share their thoughts about a smoke-free policy

Sample Caution Notice

Enforcement Resources

Letter to notify a tenant of a nuisance complaint against them in the event they violate your smoke-free policy

Legal Opinion on Smoke-Free Policies in Alberta

Policy Resources

A professional legal opinion on smoke-free policies for multi-unit housing in Alberta

Flowchart Of Complaint Process

Engagement Resources

Flowchart to address complaints from residents about second-hand smoke exposure

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