An Alberta in which smoke-free multi-unit housing, including rentals, condominiums, housing cooperatives and public or nonprofit housing, is the norm.


Our mission is to provide collaborative leadership and execute effective strategies to increase smoke-free multi-unit housing.

Smoke-Free Housing Alberta is increasing options for smoke-free living. Demand for smoke-free environments is on the rise. Albertans are protected from second-hand smoke in virtually all enclosed workplaces and public places, yet many remain unwillingly exposed in their own homes because of smoke from neighbouring units.

We are not asking the government to pass a law that would force landlords to make all buildings smoke-free. Smoke-free housing is not about:

  • denying smokers a place to live;
  • evicting smokers from their homes; or,
  • forcing people to quit smoking.

Smoke-Free Housing Alberta is about increasing options for multi-unit housing with clean, smoke-free indoor air.

Note: The information and materials contained in this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be and should not be construed to be legal advice.

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